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  1. Content type: Research

    The present study identified whether glycemic variability (GV) was associated with vascular calcification and explored the underlying mechanisms.

    Authors: Li Zhang, Haichen Sun, Shuang Liu, Jinhuan Gao and Jinggang Xia

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:67

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research

    The metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a clustering of abdominal obesity, diabetes and prediabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, that confers an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. There is limite...

    Authors: Shamila T. De Silva, Madunil A. Niriella, Dileepa S. Ediriweera, Dulani Kottahachchi, Anuradhani Kasturiratne, Arjuna P. de Silva, Anuradha S. Dassanayaka, Arunasalam Pathmeswaran, Rajitha Wickramasinghe, N. Kato and H. Janaka de Silva

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:66

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Research

    Omentin, releasing by adipose-tissue may be related to glucose metabolism. The omentin circulating levels and the related mRNA expression in visceral adipose-tissue are different in types of diabetes and the e...

    Authors: Golnaz Goodarzi, Amirreza Shirgir, Sadegh Alavi and Amirhosein Khoshi

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:65

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Research

    Diabetes mellitus is a multifactorial disorder characterized by a high level of glucose in the blood. Both genetic and environmental factors interact to cause diabetes. Insulin receptor substrate (IRS) proteins h...

    Authors: Anam Ijaz, Sana Babar, Sumbal Sarwar, Saleem Ullah Shahid and Shabana

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:64

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Research

    Adipokines and the myokine irisin, involved in mechanisms associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome (MS), are understudied in the pediatric population.

    Authors: Adrian M. Gonzalez-Gil, Mariana Peschard-Franco, Elena C. Castillo, Gustavo Gutierrez-DelBosque, Victor Treviño, Christian Silva-Platas, Luisa Perez-Villarreal, Gerardo Garcia-Rivas and Leticia Elizondo-Montemayor

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:63

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Study Protocol

    Endothelial dysfunction (ED) is a hallmark in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) that favor both atherogenesis and ischemia and reperfusion injury (IRI). Sodium-glucose-2 co-transporter inhibitors (SGLT2i) may hy...

    Authors: Riobaldo M. R. Cintra, Alexandre A. S. Soares, Ikaro Breder, Daniel B. Munhoz, Joaquim Barreto, Sheila T. Kimura-Medorima, Pamela Cavalcante, Renata Zanchetta, Jessica Cunha Breder, Camila Moreira, Vitor W. Virginio, Isabella Bonilha, Jose Carlos Lima-Junior, Otavio R. Coelho-Filho, Vaneza L. W. Wolf, Gil Guerra-Junior…

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:62

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Research

    Metabolic syndrome, an obesity-related condition associated with insulin resistance and low-grade inflammation, leads to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, osteoarthritis, and other disorders. Optimal ...

    Authors: Janet B. McGill, Mariko Johnson, Stacy Hurst, William T. Cade, Kevin E. Yarasheski, Richard E. Ostlund, Kenneth B. Schechtman, Babak Razani, Michael B. Kastan, Donald A. McClain, Lisa de las Fuentes, Victor G. Davila-Roman, Daniel S. Ory, Samuel A. Wickline and Clay F. Semenkovich

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:61

    Published on:

  8. Content type: Research

    Visfatin is a multifaceted protein that plays an important role in regulating a variety of physiological and pathological processes, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. However, circulating...

    Authors: Long-Yi Zheng, Xia Xu, Ren-Hui Wan, Sheng Xia, Jin Lu and Qin Huang

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:60

    Published on:

  9. Content type: Research

    To study the prevalence of postprandial hyperglycaemia (PPH) in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients treated with basal insulin, having fasting glucose < 130 mg/dL but HbA1c > 7.0% (53 mmol/mol).

    Authors: Francisco J. Tinahones, María Molina-Vega, Juan Parra-Barona, Juana Flores-Le Roux and Ricardo Gómez-Huelgas

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:59

    Published on:

  10. Content type: Review

    The results of studies that assessed the impact of metformin treatments on gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are inconclusive. In addition, the impact of tim...

    Authors: Razieh Bidhendi Yarandi, Samira Behboudi-Gandevani, Mina Amiri and Fahimeh Ramezani Tehrani

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:58

    Published on:

  11. Content type: Research

    Recently, clinical studies have shown the protective effects of sodium glucose co-transporter2 (SGLT2) inhibitors against progression of diabetic nephropathy, but the underlying molecular mechanisms remain unc...

    Authors: Masa-Ki Inoue, Yasuka Matsunaga, Yusuke Nakatsu, Takeshi Yamamotoya, Koji Ueda, Akifumi Kushiyama, Hideyuki Sakoda, Midori Fujishiro, Hiraku Ono, Misaki Iwashita, Tomomi Sano, Fusanori Nishimura, Kenichi Morii, Kensuke Sasaki, Takao Masaki and Tomoichiro Asano

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:57

    Published on:

  12. Content type: Research

    Some genetic association studies tried to investigate potential associations of Transcription Factor 7 Like 2 (TCF7L2) rs7903146 polymorphism with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). However, the results of these st...

    Authors: Liying Lou, Jingjing Wang and Jing Wang

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:56

    Published on:

  13. Content type: Research

    Transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2), which previously known as TCF-4, is a major form of transcription factor involved in the downstream WNT signaling and exhibits the strongest association to diabetes susc...

    Authors: Hui-Hui Wu, Yan-Liang Li, Nai-Jia Liu, Zhen Yang, Xiao-Ming Tao, Yan-Ping Du, Xuan-Chun Wang, Bin Lu, Zhao-Yun Zhang, Ren-Ming Hu and Jie Wen

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:55

    Published on:

  14. Content type: Research

    Diabetes and its complications produce significant clinical, economic and social impact. The knowledge of the costs of diabetes generates subsidies to maintain the financial sustainability of public health and...

    Authors: Luciana Ribeiro Bahia, Michelle Quarti Machado da Rosa, Denizar Vianna Araujo, Marcelo Goulart Correia, Roger dos Santos dos Rosa, Bruce Bartholow Duncan and Cristiana Maria Toscano

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:54

    Published on:

  15. Content type: Research

    Congenital generalized lipodystrophy (CGL) is a rare disorder characterized by the absence of subcutaneous adipose tissue, severe insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular complications, includ...

    Authors: Clarisse Mourão Melo Ponte, Virgínia Oliveira Fernandes, Christiane Bezerra Rocha Liberato, Ana Paula Dias Rangel Montenegro, Lívia Aline Batista, Maria Helane Costa Gurgel, Lia Beatriz de Azevedo Karbage, Izabella Tamira Galdino Farias Vasconcelos, Catarina Brasil d’Alva and Renan Magalhães Montenegro Júnior

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:53

    Published on:

  16. Content type: Research

    Rational measures in estimating adiposity distribution in diabetic patients has yet to be validated. This study aims to provide insight about the possible links between routinely available body adiposity param...

    Authors: Kan Sun, Diaozhu Lin, Qiling Feng, Feng Li, Yiqin Qi, Wanting Feng, Chuan Yang, Li Yan, Meng Ren and Dan Liu

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:51

    Published on:

  17. Content type: Review

    Recent studies have suggested that neck circumference (NC) is a supplemental screening measure for diagnosing metabolic complications and might be associated with glycemic parameters. The aim of the present st...

    Authors: Parvane Saneei, Farnaz Shahdadian, Sajjad Moradi, Abed Ghavami, Hamed Mohammadi and Mohammad Hossein Rouhani

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:50

    Published on:

  18. Content type: Research

    In epidemiological studies, serum uric acid (SUA) has been shown to be associated with hypertension and cardiovascular disorders. However, limited studies have evaluated the relationship between SUA and glucos...

    Authors: Tangigul Haque, Sadaqur Rahman, Shiful Islam, Noyan Hossain Molla and Nurshad Ali

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:49

    Published on:

  19. Content type: Commentary

    Despite intensive research, therapy of diabetes mellitus type 2 (T2DM) is far from be effective. The most important unresolved issue is to establish a safe glycosylated hemoglobin C (A1c) value well balanced b...

    Authors: Davide Maggi, Fabrizio Montecucco, Gianfranco Adami and Renzo Cordera

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:48

    Published on:

  20. Content type: Research

    There are many studies on the health effects of soy, only a few describe the effects of the simultaneous use of two types of soy on multiple components of metabolic syndrome (MetS). The present study was desig...

    Authors: Afsaneh Bakhtiari, Karimollah Hajian-Tilaki, Shabnam Omidvar and Fatemeh Nasiri-Amiri

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:47

    Published on:

  21. Content type: Research

    The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the demographic, clinical, social-educational determinants and diabetes management factors that have influenced the agreement between glycaemia obtained from...

    Authors: Rebeca Cavalcante, Alessandra S. M. Matheus, Aneliza Zanette, Bruna Braga, Bruna Duarte, Bruna Würdig, Daniele Maieron, João Scarparo Sorio, Luciana Bagatini, Michelle Cherit and Marilia Brito Gomes

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:46

    Published on:

  22. Content type: Research

    Insulin resistance (IR) related metabolic disorders are associated with a worse prognosis of chronic hepatitis B virus (CHB) infection or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). However, the relationships am...

    Authors: Junzhao Ye, Xuan Hu, Tingfeng Wu, Yanqin Wu, Congxiang Shao, Fuxi Li, Yansong Lin, Shiting Feng, Wei Wang and Bihui Zhong

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:45

    Published on:

  23. Content type: Research

    Insulin resistance is core cause of metabolic syndrome. Determining insulin resistance is one of the foremost requirements imperative to understanding the pathophysiology of disease. The gold standard “Euglyca...

    Authors: Sikandar Hayat Khan, Ali Nawaz Khan, Nayyer Chaudhry, Roomana Anwar, Nadeem Fazal and Muhammad Tariq

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:44

    Published on:

  24. Content type: Research

    Diabetes mellitus (DM) is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Aerobic interval training (AIT) has been recommended to patients as a non-pharmacological strategy to manage DM. However, little i...

    Authors: Huan Cai, Shuchun Chen, Jingqin Liu and Yuxiu He

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:43

    Published on:

  25. Content type: Research

    Hyperinsulinemia aggravates insulin resistance and cardio-vascular disease. How the insulinotropic glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist liraglutide in a physiologic post-prandial setting may act on pancrea...

    Authors: Christian Anholm, Preman Kumarathurai, Anders Jürs, Lene Rørholm Pedersen, Olav Wendelboe Nielsen, Ole Peter Kristiansen, Mogens Fenger, Jens Juul Holst, Sten Madsbad, Ahmad Sajadieh and Steen Bendix Haugaard

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:42

    Published on:

  26. Content type: Research

    Diabetes mellitus is a common metabolic disorders in human and affect a lot of people around the world. Curcumin is a component of turmeric and in many studies therapeutic effects such as anti-hypertensive, an...

    Authors: Homa Hodaei, Mahsa Adibian, Omid Nikpayam, Mehdi Hedayati and Golbon Sohrab

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:41

    Published on:

  27. Content type: Research

    To evaluate the association between adiponectin concentrations and metabolic syndrome (MetS) risk and to investigate if this association is independent of weight status in adolescents.

    Authors: Karen Sparrenberger, Mariana Sbaraini, Felipe Vogt Cureau, Gabriela Heiden Teló, Luciana Bahia and Beatriz D. Schaan

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:40

    Published on:

  28. Content type: Research

    To identify low molecular weight urinary proteins capable of detecting diabetic nephropathy patients which may predict renal alterations at early stages and prevent it from worsening further.

    Authors: Dhara N. Patel and Kiran Kalia

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:39

    Published on:

  29. Content type: Research

    Pre-pregnancy obesity, gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), and gestational weight gain (GWG) are associated with each other. This is the first study to investigate whether genetic variants were associated wit...

    Authors: Selvihan Beysel, Nilnur Eyerci, Mustafa Ulubay, Mustafa Caliskan, Muhammed Kizilgul, Merve Hafızoğlu and Erman Cakal

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:37

    Published on:

  30. Content type: Research

    Several controversial findings have been reported on treatment outcomes for diabetic stroke patients that received thrombolysis therapy in the hospital. We determined whether the association between telestroke...

    Authors: Thomas I. Nathaniel, Chibueze Ubah, Leah Wormack and Jordan Gainey

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:36

    Published on:

  31. Content type: Research

    This study was developed to evaluate quality indicators in type 2 diabetes patient care at the Unified Public Health System’s primary and tertiary health care centers within a local population.

    Authors: Josiane Schneiders, Gabriela H. Telo, Leonardo Grabinski Bottino, Bruna Pasinato, Jeruza Lavanholi Neyeloff and Beatriz D. Schaan

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:34

    Published on:

  32. Content type: Short report

    Combination of current antidiabetic agents with natural antioxidants to manage diabetes mellitus and its complications has appeared as an emerging trend. Curcumin, a yellow pigment isolated from Curcuma longa rhi...

    Authors: Daniela Fernandes Roxo, Carlos Alberto Arcaro, Vania Ortega Gutierres, Mariana Campos Costa, Juliana Oriel Oliveira, Tayra Ferreira Oliveira Lima, Renata Pires Assis, Iguatemy Lourenço Brunetti and Amanda Martins Baviera

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:33

    Published on:

  33. Content type: Research

    Medial calcification in diabetes contributes to the arterial occlusive process occurring below the knee level. Adiponectin is an adipokine with atheroprotective properties and possible protective role against ...

    Authors: Carole E. Aubert, Sophie Liabeuf, Chloé Amouyal, Salim Kemel, Frédérique Lajat-Kiss, Jean-Marc Lacorte, Marine Halbron, Aurélie Carlier, Joe-Elie Salem, Christian Funck-Brentano, Ljubica Perisic Matic, Anna Witasp, Peter Stenvinkel, Franck Phan, Ziad A. Massy, Agnès Hartemann…

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:32

    Published on:

  34. Content type: Research

    To investigate the prevalence and clinical characteristics of hypertension (HTN) and metabolic syndrome (MetS) in newly diagnosed diabetes with ketosis-onset.

    Authors: Jun-Wei Wang, Ai-Ping Wang, Ming-Yun Chen, Jun-Xi Lu, Jiang-Feng Ke, Lian-Xi Li and Wei-Ping Jia

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:31

    Published on:

  35. Content type: Research

    Several studies suggest that statin may increase the risk of new-onset diabetes mellitus (NODM). This study aimed to evaluate the association between the duration and recent use of statin, and the risk of NODM...

    Authors: Dong-Won Kim, Do-Hoon Kim, Joo-Hyun Park, Moonyoung Choi, Shinhye Kim, Hyonchong Kim, Da-eun Seul, Soo-Gyeong Park, Jin-Hyung Jung, Kyungdo Han and Yong-Gyu Park

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:30

    Published on:

  36. Content type: Research

    The present study evaluated the effects of glucose and blood pressure (BP) variability on oxidative stress in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and hypertension.

    Authors: Makoto Ohara, Yo Kohata, Hiroe Nagaike, Masakazu Koshibu, Hiroya Gima, Munenori Hiromura, Takeshi Yamamoto, Yusaku Mori, Toshiyuki Hayashi, Tomoyasu Fukui and Tsutomu Hirano

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:29

    Published on:

  37. Content type: Research

    Recent studies have shown that the risks of chronic diseases resulting from high-risk alleles, such as cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome (MetS), can be affected by various dietary patterns. Among ...

    Authors: Mohammad Hossein Rahimi, Mehdi Mollahosseini, Atieh Mirzababaei, Mir Saeed Yekaninejad, Zhila Maghbooli and Khadijeh Mirzaei

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:28

    Published on:

  38. Content type: Short report

    Insulin resistance is a hallmark of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and the underlying cause of various metabolic changes observed in type 2 diabetic patients. This study investigated the molecular basis of th...

    Authors: Sihle Ephraim Mabhida, Rabia Johnson, Musawenkosi Ndlovu, Johan Louw, Andrew Opoku and Rebamang Anthony Mosa

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:27

    Published on:

  39. Content type: Research

    Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), owing to its ability to reflect glycemia over a relatively longer time span, is still been investigated as an adjunct test for fasting plasma glucose (FPG) to identify subjects at ...

    Authors: Max Efui Annani-Akollor, Edwin Ferguson Laing, Henry Osei, Evans Mensah, Eddie-Williams Owiredu, Bright Oppong Afranie and Enoch Odame Anto

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:26

    Published on:

  40. Content type: Review

    Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is one of the most common diseases causing blindness in the world, and most patients are already in advanced stage. Recent years, many studies reported mean platelet volume (MPV) may ...

    Authors: ShuaiFei Ji, Jie Zhang, XiuDe Fan, XiQiang Wang, XiaoNa Ning, BaBo Zhang, Heng Shi and Hong Yan

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:25

    Published on:

  41. Content type: Research

    The prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes were estimated to be 10.9% and 35.7% in the Chinese adult population, respectively, and the middle-aged and elderly Chinese are at even higher risk of diabetes and pr...

    Authors: Xueli Cai, Lili Xia, Yuesong Pan, Dian He, Huiping Zhu, Tiemin Wei and Yan He

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:24

    Published on:

  42. Content type: Research

    The aims of this study were to estimate the mortality due to diabetes mellitus attributed to physical inactivity in Brazil, to analyze these estimate in three points in time (1990, 2006 and, 2016), and to anal...

    Authors: Diego Augusto Santos Silva, Mohsen Naghavi, Bruce B. Duncan, Maria Inês Schmidt, Maria de Fatima Marinho de Souza and Deborah Carvalho Malta

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:23

    Published on:

  43. Content type: Research

    By 2030, diabetes mellitus (DM) will be the 7th leading cause of death worldwide. Type 2 DM (T2DM) is the most common type of DM and is characterized by insulin resistance and defective β-cell secretory functi...

    Authors: Nanquan Rao, Xiaotong Wang, Yue Zhai, Jingzhi Li, Jing Xie, Yuming Zhao and Lihong Ge

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:22

    Published on:

  44. Content type: Research

    Patients with type 2 diabetes have an increased risk of cognitive impairment which can lead to impaired diabetes self-management and an increased risk of diabetes-related complications. Routine screening for c...

    Authors: Jolien Janssen, Paula S. Koekkoek, Geert Jan Biessels, L. Jaap Kappelle and Guy E. H. M. Rutten

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:21

    Published on:

  45. Content type: Review

    Latin America is a fast-growing region that currently faces unique challenges in the treatment of all forms of diabetes mellitus. The burden of this disease will be even greater in the coming years due, in par...

    Authors: Mairim Alexandra Solis, Ilais Moreno Velásquez, Ricardo Correa and Lynn L. H. Huang

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:20

    Published on:

  46. Content type: Research

    Exercise can disrupt homeostasis and trigger many adaptive responses in different hormonal axes. The study of hormonal interactions with physical activity is highly complex due to the number of variables, such...

    Authors: Haroldo Silva de Souza, Thiago Veiga Jardim, Weimar Kunz Sebba Barroso, Priscila Valverde de Oliveira Vitorino, Ana Luiza Lima Souza and Paulo César Veiga Jardim

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:19

    Published on:

  47. Content type: Research

    Hypoglycemia is associated with cardiovascular diseases, increased risk of death. Therefore, it is important to avoid hypoglycemia. The aim of this study was to characterize hypoglycemia according to glycated ...

    Authors: Maiko Hajime, Yosuke Okada, Hiroko Mori, Fumi Uemura, Satomi Sonoda, Kenichi Tanaka, Akira Kurozumi, Manabu Narisawa, Keiichi Torimoto and Yoshiya Tanaka

    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2019 11:18

    Published on:

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