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Table 1 Characteristics of the included cohort studies

From: Metabolic syndrome and the incidence of lung cancer: a meta-analysis of cohort studies

Study Country Design Characteristics of the participants Number of participants Diagnostic criteria of MetS Follow-up period Diagnosis of lung cancer Number of lung cancer cases Outcome reported Variables adjusted
Russo 2008 Italy PC Community based population 16,677 NCEP-ATP III 1999–2005 Local Cancer Registry 118 M, F, T Age, gender
Inoue 2009 Japan PC Community based population 27,724 NCEP-ATP III and IDF 1990–2014 National cancer registries 224 M, F Age, study area, smoking status, alcohol intake, daily total physical activity level, and TC
Osaki 2012 Japan RC General health examinees 38,832 NCEP-ATP III and IDF 1992–2007 Tottori prefectural cancer registry 211 M, F Age, smoking status, alcohol intake
Kruijsdijk 2013 the Netherlands PC Patients with vascular diseases 6172 NCEP-ATP III 1996–2011 Netherlands Cancer Registry 118 T Age, gender, smoking status, alcohol intake
Ko 2016 Korea RC National sample cohort for health check-up 99,565 NCEP-ATP III 2002–2013 Local Cancer Registry 624 M, F Age, gender, smoking status, alcohol intake, and exercise
  1. NOS the Newcastle–Ottawa Scale, PC prospective cohort, RC retrospective cohort, MetS metabolic syndrome, NCEP-ATP III National Cholesterol Education Program’s Adults Treatment Panel III, IDF International Diabetes Federation, M male, F female, T total, TC total cholesterol