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Fig. 4 | Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome

Fig. 4

From: Therapeutic effects of stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth on diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Fig. 4

Histological observation of the sciatic nerves of rats. SHED (a) and groups (b) and normal controls (Weil staining; ×4). The nerve fibers in the control group are closely arranged and uniformly distributed (c). The color and thickness of the myelin sheath are uniform. Those in the saline group are loosely arranged and demyelination can be seen. The characteristics of the sciatic nerve fibers in the SHED group are between those of the other two groups. PGP 9.5 immunostaining for examination of IENFD in the footpads. SHED (d) and saline groups (e) and the normal controls (f). SHED transplantation significantly improved the IENFD to levels better than those in the saline group (g) (*P < 0.05). Bar = 100 μm, all images were taken under the same magnification

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