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Table 1 Staging of diabetic nephropathy

From: Diabetic nephropathy: recent advances in pathophysiology and challenges in dietary management

Stages DN staging Tervaert et al. [11] DN staging Gheith et al. [13]
Stage 1 Glomerular basement membrane thickening From onset to 5 years. Borderline GFR, no albuminuria, hypertension. But kidney size increased by 20% along with an increase in renal plasma flow
Stage 2 Mild or severe mesangial expansion From 2 years after onset with basement membrane thickening and mesangial prolieration, normal GFR and no clinical symptoms
Stage 3 Nodular sclerosis 5–10 years after onset with or without hypertension, with glomerular damage and microalbuminuria (30–300 mg/day)
Stage 4 Advanced diabetic glomerulosclerosis that includes tubulointerstitial lesions and vascular lesions Irreversible proteinuria, sustained hypertension and GFR below 60 ml/min/1.73 m2
Stage 5 End-stage kidney disease with GFR < 15 ml/min/1.73 m2
  1. DN diabetic nephropathy, GFR glomerular filtration rate