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Table 1 Predictors included in existing CVD and T2DM risk scores

From: Assessing the added predictive ability of a metabolic syndrome severity score in predicting incident cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study and Jackson Heart Study

Predictors CVD T2DM
Framingham (D’Agostino et al.) ASCVD (Goff et al.) Bang et al. Schmidt et al.
Age X X X X
Sex X X X  
Race/ethnicity     X
Weight/height    X X
Waist circumference     X
HDL X X   
Total cholesterol X X   
Hypertension    X X
SBP, treated X X   
SBP, untreated X X   X
Smoking X X   
Diabetes X X   
Gest. diabetes    X  
Family history of diabetes    X X
Physical activity    X  
Fasting glucose     X