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Fig. 3 | Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome

Fig. 3

From: Educ@dom: comparative study of the telemonitoring of patients with type 2 diabetes versus standard monitoring—study protocol for a randomized controlled study

Fig. 3

An example of meal with a proposition of correction to improve the nutritional balance. Nutri-Educ is an interactive, educational, nutrition software application that provides personalized help in the composition of meals. Each user has a personalized folder that contains some of its physiopathological characteristics. It was developed by the department of Diabetology of the University Hospital of Toulouse in collaboration with a computer engineer. It has several features: the system evaluates the energy needs of the subjects by a set of rules, taking into account age, sex, size, physical activity. The caloric goal is then adapted according to the BMI of the subject. It helps the user to balance his meals with personalized advice. It takes into account the daily fractionation of the feed. The user enters the foods that make up his/her meal with photos to choose the type of food and its portion. Nutri-Educ makes a diagnosis of the meal calorically and on the carbohydrate-lipid-protein distribution according to the international recommendations. It mentions the lack of fiber, calcium… and then indicates several food combinations involved in the imbalance of the meal. It is able to offer balanced meal solutions from the foods seized by the user while trying to respect the choices of the subject as well as possible

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