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Table 2 GBD-2010 “garbage code” groups [15] having more than 1 % of their codes redistributed to diabetes

From: Trends in mortality due to diabetes in Brazil, 1996–2011

Garbage code groupa ICD-10 codesb Proportions from each code group redistributed to diabetes
Renal failure N17–N19 57.3
Disorders of electrolyte and fluid balance E86–E87 6.43
Osteomyelitis M86 4.96
Ill-defined infectious diseases A59–A60.0, A60.9, A63–A64, A71–A74, B07–B09, B35–B36, B74.4–B74.8, B75, B85–B88, B95–B97 4.87
Disseminated intravascular coagulation, cardiac arrest, acute or unspecified respiratory failure D65, I46, J96.0, J96.9 4.81
Ill-defined diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue M10–M11, M15–M25, M40, M45, M47–M48, M50–M60, M65–M67, M70–M71, M75–M79, M95–M99 4.53
Ill-defined diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue L03, L04, L20–L30, L45, L50, L52–L68, L70–L85, L90–L92, L98 4.50
Ill-defined diseases of the nervous system G43–G44, G47–G52, G54, G56–G58 4.50
Ill-defined diseases of diseases of the genitourinary system N39.3, N40, N45–N46, N60, N84–N92, N95, N97 4.38
Ill-defined diseases of the digestive system K00–K11, K14 4.24
Ill-defined diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism D10–D24, D26–D31, D35–D36 4.11
Ill-defined diseases of the ear and mastoid process H00–H02, H04–H05, H10–H11, H15–H18, H20–H21, H25–H26, H30–H31, H33–H35, H43–H47, H49–H57, H60–H61, H69, H71–H74, H80–H81, H83–H93 3.69
Ill-defined diseases of the respiratory system J30, J33, J34.2, J35 3.03
Ill-defined mental and behavioral disorders F30–F33, F34.1, F40–F48, F51–F53, F60–F99 2.62
Essential and secondary hypertension I10, I15 1.80
Ill-defined congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities Q16–Q18, Q36, Q54, Q65, Q67–Q68, Q72–Q74, Q82–Q83 1.15
Encephalopathy and cerebral edema G92, G93.1–G93.6 1.10
  1. aLozano et al. [15]
  2. bDefined by the research group