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Fig. 1

From: DPP-4 inhibitor sitagliptin prevents inflammation and oxidative stress of heart and kidney in two kidney and one clip (2K1C) rats

Fig. 1

Effect ofsitagliptin on cardiac inflammation in 2K1C model rats. a Sham; b Sham + Sitagliptin; c 2K1C and d 2K1C + Sitagliptin. No inflammatory process was observed in Sham animals (a) and Sham + Sitagliptin (b). Observe the increase of inflammatory cells in the left ventricle of heart of 2K1C rats (c, arrows). No/less inflammatory process can be observed in left ventricle of heart of all 2K1C animals treated with sitagliptin (d). Magnification ×40. H & E staining. ic inflammatory cells, nc necrotic site

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