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Table 3 Correlation between metabolic risk factors and reactive hyperemia index at final examination

From: The impact of long-term changes in metabolic status on cardiovascular biomarkers and microvascular endothelial function in middle-aged men: a 25-year prospective study

Metabolic risk factors Reactive hyperemia index
Waist circumference, cm −0.18*
Body mass, kg −0.26**
Systolic blood pressure, mmHg −0.13
Diastolic blood pressure, mmHg −0.08
Triglycerides, mmo/l −0.22**
HDL-C, mmol/l 0.25**
TG/HDL ratio −0.24**
Glucose, mmol/l −0.02
Uric acid, µmol/L −0.21*
Current LTPA, kcal/week 0.27**
Historical LTPA since 12th year of life, hours/year 0.29**
  1. Data presented as mean ± SD unless otherwise stated; * p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01; *** p < 0.001
  2. HDL-C high density lipoproteins, LTPA leisure-time physical activity