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Table 6 Multiple regression analyses of association between insulin resistance and exercise capacity in ischemic (Panel A) and non-ischemic (Panel B) patients

From: Insulin levels and HOMA index are associated with exercise capacity in patients with type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease

Panel A logInsulin$   logHOMA2-IR  
VO2peak (mL/kg/min) β = -0.369a β = -0.190b β = -0.432a β = -0.315b
p = 0.021 p = 0.325 p = 0.003 p = 0.079
Panel B     
VO2peak (mL/kg/min) β = -0.205a β = -0.030b β = -0.289c β = -0.180d
p = 0.075 p = 0.810 p = 0.005 p = 0.101
  1. VO2peak as dependent variable, and insulin and HOMA2-IR as independent variables. Adjusted for aage and gender, bage, gender and BMI, cage, gender and current smoking, dage, gender, current smoking and BMI.
  2. $ Patients on insulin treatment excluded.