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Table 2 Apoptotic value of ICCs in stomach tissue sections in four groups

From: Curcumin improves expression of SCF/c-kit through attenuating oxidative stress and NF-κB activation in gastric tissues of diabetic gastroparesis rats

Groups Apoptotic indexa(AI)(%)
Group I 6.4±1.8*
Group II 47.5±6.2
Group III 26.2±4.1
Group IV 7.1±2.4*
  1. Group I=normal control rats; Group II=diabetic control rats; Group III=diabetic +curcumin treated rats (150 mg/kg); Group IV=normal + curcumin treated rats (150 mg/kg).* P<0.001, significant difference compared to Group II; # P<0.01, significant difference Compared to Group II. Δ P<0.05 significant difference compared to Group I and Group IV.