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Figure 2 | Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome

Figure 2

From: Apoptosis rate and transcriptional response of pancreatic islets exposed to the PPAR gamma agonist Pioglitazone

Figure 2

Pathway analysis identifies a network of genes related to lipid metabolism in islets cultured at 5.6 mM glucose concentration. The network is displayed graphically as nodes (genes/gene products) and edges (the biological relationships between the nodes). Nodes are displayed using various shapes that represent the functional class of the gene product. The node color indicates up (red)- or down (green)-regulation by Pioglitazone. Edges are displayed with various labels that describe the nature of the relationship between the nodes (A, activation; B, binding; E, expression; I, inhibition; P, phosphorylation; T, transcription). Edges without a label represent binding only. The node Srebf1 was identified by the pathway analysis as part of the network, and its differential gene expression was determined subsequently by qRT-PCR. A total of 15 differentially expressed focus genes were brought into this network with a highly significant score of 30.

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