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Table 3 Number and percentage of parents' answers to questions focusing psychosocial aspects related to their children’s diabetes

From: Assessment of psychosocial variables by parents of youth with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Parents assertions n (%)
Family functioning was modified by my child with diabetes 842 (78.5%)
After the diagnosis the relationship with my spouse changed 324 (31.6%)
There is always an adult (mother/father/grandparent/etc.) involved in diabetes care 1,041 (96.8%)
I do not treat my child with diabetes differently from my other children 781 (76.3%)
I do not set prohibitions to my child because he/she has diabetes 741 (69.1%)
The patient is encouraged to perform diabetes management tasks 978 (91.7%)
I am worried about diabetes complications 1,032 (96.4%)
I am worried about hypoglycemic episodes 1,005 (93.9%)
I’m afraid that diabetes develops in another sibling 706 (69.1%)
I have already checked my non-diabetic children’s blood glucose 654 (64.2%)
I feel overwhelmed with caring for my child’s diabetes 672 (62.8%)
My child has already slept over 440 (41.0%)
I have had difficulties in setting limits for my child with diabetes 555 (52.0%)