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Figure 1

From: AICAR inhibits ceramide biosynthesis in skeletal muscle

Figure 1

Palmitate-induced sphingolipid accumulation is prevented with AICAR. C2C12 myotubes were incubated with palmitate (PA) for 16 h at 0.75 mM. PA treatment increased all measured lipids. However, while ceramides (C) and glucosylceramides (D) were reduced with AICAR inclusion (2 mM), triacylglycerols (A) and diacylglycerols (B) were not significantly affected. Similarly, the inclusion of Compound C (20 μM) with AICAR (PA+AIC+CC) increased lipid levels over PA+AIC in ceramides (C) and glucosylceramides (D). *p<0.05 for PA vs. BSA. +p<0.05 for PA+AIC vs PA. §p<0.05 for PA+AIC+CC vs. PA+AIC (n=5).

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