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Archived Comments for: Dietary iron intake in the first 4 months of infancy and the development of type 1 diabetes: a pilot study

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  1. Infant Forumlas and T1DM

    Chris Exley, Keele University

    5 October 2010

    Considering our recent publication in BMC Pediatrics ( on the aluminium content of infant formulas it would be extremely interesting to look at how the exposure of these infants to aluminium varied between the control and T1DM groups. We have recently shown that aluminium might have a role to play in T2DM (Ward et al.,(2008) JIB 102, 371-375; Exley et al., (2010) JIB 104, 1125-1129)while exposure to aluminium is known to produce an anaemia which is unresponsive to iron. Of course, aluminium is also a powerful pro-oxidant and one would want to be wary of situations in which the diet included high amounts of both iron and aluminium.
    There is too much aluminium in infant formulas and we can only begin to understand how this might be acting synergistically with other components of diet etc.

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