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Table 7 Top 20 signaling pathway mediated by the identified genes

From: Signature pattern of gene expression and signaling pathway in premature diabetic patients uncover their correlation to early age coronary heart disease

Term Count p-value Gene symbol
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 6 1.90E−07 AKT2, IL12B, IL6, MAPK14, NFKB1, PIK3R1
Insulin resistance 6 2.10E−07 AKT2, IRS1, IRS2, IL6, NFKB1, PIK3R1
FoxO signaling pathway 6 6.10E−07 AKT2, IRS1, IRS2, IL6, MAPK14, PIK3R1
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) 6 1.10E−06 AKT2, IRS1, IRS2, IL6, NFKB1, PIK3R1
Influenza A 6 2.20E−06 AKT2, IL12B, IL6, MAPK14, NFKB1, PIK3R1
TNF signaling pathway 5 1.10E−05 AKT2, IL6, MAPK14, NFKB1, PIK3R1
Neurotrophin signaling pathway 5 1.70E−05 AKT2, IRS1, MAPK14, NFKB1, PIK3R1
Measles 5 2.60E−05 AKT2, IL12B, IL6, NFKB1, PIK3R1
Regulation of lipolysis in adipocytes 4 5.90E−05 AKT2, IRS1, IRS2, PIK3R1
Tuberculosis 5 7.90E−05 AKT2, IL12B, IL6, MAPK14, NFKB1
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) 4 8.80E−05 FOXP3, IL12B, IL6, NFKB1
Adipocytokine signaling pathway 4 1.20E−04 AKT2, IRS1, IRS2, NFKB1
Prolactin signaling pathway 4 1.20E−04 AKT2, MAPK14, NFKB1, PIK3R1
Pertussis 4 1.40E−04 IL12B, IL6, MAPK14, NFKB1
HIF-1 signaling pathway 4 2.90E−04 AKT2, IL6, NFKB1, PIK3R1
T cell receptor signaling pathway 4 3.30E−04 AKT2, MAPK14, NFKB1, PIK3R1
Amoebiasis 4 3.90E−04 IL12B, IL6, NFKB1, PIK3R1
Toxoplasmosis 4 4.40E−04 AKT2, IL12B, MAPK14, NFKB1
Sphingolipid signaling pathway 4 5.70E−04 AKT2, MAPK14, NFKB1, PIK3R1
AMPK signaling pathway 4 6.10E−04 AKT2, IRS1, IRS2, PIK3R1