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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria used to evaluate the pre-selected articles

From: Diet-induced obesity in animal models: points to consider and influence on metabolic markers

Inclusion Exclusion
Diet-induced obesity
The main objective was the induction and evaluation of obesity
Study must be done with Sprague–Dawley or Wistar rats, or with C57BL-/-6 mice strain
Original articles
Presence of a control group
Used commercial diets or produced them from standard ingredients
Published in the last 6 years (2015–2020)
Articles in English
Genetic manipulation
Drug-induced obesity
Surgically induced obesity
Main objective was the induction and/or evaluation of other diseases affect for obesity (diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, liver disease, dyslipidemia and surgery for weight loss)
Main objective was the induction and/or evaluation of other diseases (neurological diseases, cancer, rheumatological diseases, endocrine diseases, gynecological diseases and kidney diseases)
The objective was to evaluate weight loss
Studies in which there was no induction of obesity
Studies in which there was an intervention before the obesity induction period
Study on pregnancy and/or lactation model
Study of a smoking model
Study with humans
Study with cell culture
Study with non-rodent animals (ex: dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, rabbits …)
Review articles, letters to the reviewer and book chapters
Studies published in languages other than English