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Table 1 Variability of ultrasound measurements of the selected fetal biometry parameters

From: Ultrasound evaluation of the fetal fat tissue, heart, liver and umbilical cord measurements in pregnancies complicated by gestational and type 1 diabetes mellitus: potential application in the fetal birth-weight estimation and prediction of the fetal macrosomia

Parameter Coefficient of variation (%)
Intraobserver Interobserver
SSFM 4.7 6.8
AFM 4.5 6.5
MTFM 6.4 7.8
MTLM 3.4 4.5
IVS 6.2 7.4
HeC 3.0 4.2
ThC 2.4 3.5
LL 3.5 5.4
UmC 3.6 8.1
UvC 6.6 9.9
mUaC 11.1 13.4
  1. SSFM sub-scapular fat mass, AFM abdominal fat mass, MTFM mid-thigh fat mass, MTLM mid-thigh lean mass, IVS inter-ventricular septum thickness, HeC heart circumference, ThC thorax circumference, LL liver length, UmC umbilical cord circumference, UvC umbilical vein circumference, mUaC mean umbilical artery circumference