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Table 5 Effect size at short and long term of cardiac rehabilitation program for patients with metabolic syndrome

From: Short and long term effect of treatment non-pharmacological and lifestyle in patients with metabolic syndrome

VariablesPre and post rehabilitationPre rehabilitation and follow up
d ConhenCI 95%TDEEffect sized ConhenCI 95%TDEEffect size
Fast glucose0.330.74 to 0.070.45Small effect0.05− 0.41 to 0.670.10No effect
Hb1AC0.110.29 to 0.510.53Small effect− 0.33− 0.71 to 0.050.16Moderate effect
Total cholesterol0.520.10 to 0.900.64Moderate effect0.390.003 to 0.710.20Moderate effect
HDL cholesterol0.050.35 to 0.450.51No effect− 0.54− 0.93 to − 0.140.28Moderate effect
LDL cholesterol0.50.08 to 0.910.63Moderate effect0.420.03 to 0.810.22Moderate effect
Triglycerides1.00.5 to 1.40.76Great effect0.540.14 to 0.950.13Moderate effect
Systolic blood pressure0.810.38 to 1.20.71Great effect0.510.1 to 0.90.32Moderate effect
Diastolic blood pressure0.610.17 to 1.10.66Moderate effect0.770.34 to 1.340.42Moderate effect
  1. HBA1C A1c glycosylated hemoglobin, HDL high density lipoprotein, LDL low density lipoprotein