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Table 1 MicroRNA (miR) Deregulation in Obesity and Breast Cancer

From: Obesity, leptin, and deregulation of microRNA in lipid metabolisms: their contribution to breast cancer prognosis

MiR Target genes and functions in obesity Target genes and functions in breast cancer References
21 TGF-βR2 inhibition
PTEN inhibition, reduced AP-1
PTEN inhibition,
PI3K/Akt activation
24-3p Inhibit SR-B1 that regulate cholesterol uptake, increase HMGCR, DHCR24 and SREBP2 Inhibit p27Kip1, inhibit Bim, cell cycle proliferation [52,53,54]
155 Upregulated in inflammation targets PPAR-γ Downregulate SOC-1, upregulate MMP6 [55, 56]
210 Inhibit Wnt signaling, increase adipogenesis E-cadherin, HIF1-α, metastasis, proliferation [57,58,59]
221/222 Erα, GLUT4, reduced insulin stimulation of glucose uptake Inhibit PTEN and p27(Kip), activate Akt, ER-alpha, inhibit IncRNA GAS5 down regulate MYC, increase proliferation, cell cycle, survival [60,61,62,63,64,65,66]
3184-3p FOXP4–NOTCH induced EMT pathway proliferation of MABC
let-7 Inhibit HMGA2, inhibit preadipocyte proliferation Inhibit HMGA2, MYC, JAK-STAT-3, Caspase-3, RAS, CCND2, Erα decrease invasion tumor suppressor function [78,79,80]
26b Inhibit PTEN/PI3K/AKT pathway to modulate insulin sensitivity Serpin B2, anti-metastasis and anti-invasion [68,69,70]
27b Control lipid metabolisms inhibit PPAR-γ FOXO1, ST14
apoptosis, cell-cycle
30a Suppression of STAT1 to limit Interferon γ-signaling Cyclin E2; anti proliferative G1, cell cycle arrest [71,72,73]
181c-3p PPARα; reduced inhibition of PPARα, BC proliferation [67]
143-3p PPAR-γ, AP2, leptin pathway, ERK5 DNMT3A, PTEN hypermethylation, increase TNFRS F10c methylation, KRAS, AKT1, BCL2 [44]
148a-3p inhibit DNMT1 which is correlated with obesity WNT-1, β-catenin, MMP-7, TCF-4, BCl-2, caspases, anti metastasis, anti invasion by regulating Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway [74, 75]
302b Maintain SOX2 and c-Myc by targeting repressor of c-Myc Target RUNX2, that activate PI3K/AKT signaling and regulate proliferation [76, 77]
34a Inhibit macrophage M2 induced adipose inflammation Inhibit BCL2, CCND1, MYC, E2F3, CDK6, SIRT1