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Table 1 Doses of BG administered by gavage in animals with streptozotocin-induced DM (70 mg/kg)

From: Therapeutic effects of different doses of prebiotic (isolated from Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in comparison to n-3 supplement on glycemic control, lipid profiles and immunological response in diabetic rats

Groups Health Status Na Treatmentb
Control Healthy 5 Gavage Saline solution
n-3 Diabetic 7 Gavage 1000 mg/kg/day
0 mg Diabetic 7 Gavage Saline solution
10 mg Diabetic 7 Gavage 10 mg/kg/day of BG
20 mg Diabetic 7 Gavage 20 mg/kg/day of BG
40 mg Diabetic 7 Gavage 40 mg/kg/day of BG
  1. anumber of animals bgavage