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Table 4 Barriers for interventions in prediabetes patients

From: Survey of knowledge for diagnosing and managing prediabetes in Latin-America: cross-sectional study

 N (%)P value
Barriers to lifestyle modification (strongly agree and agree)
 Patient’s lack of motivation290 (88.4)0.488
 Patient’s physical limitation in doing activity200 (61.7)0.040
 Lack of weight loss resources for patient148 (45.3)0.003
 Lack nutrition resources for patient176 (53.7)0.006
 Patients do not think it is important to make these changes235 (72.5)0.404
 Financial limitations161 (49.2)0.346
Barriers to metformin use (strongly agree and agree)
 Patients dislike taking medications228 (70.8)0.001
 Medication cost to patient108 (33.4)0.188
 Poor patient adherence246 (76.2)0.232
 Potential side effects188 (58.6)0.001
 Providers’ lack of awareness of clinical guidelines for metformin use197 (61.4)0.270
 Lack of FDA approval for metformin use in prediabetes97 (30.8)0.878
Interventions to improve management of prediabetes (strongly agree and agree)
 More time for doctors to counsel patients275 (83.8)0.768
 More educational resources for patients291 (88.7)0.816
 Improved access to diabetes preventive programs302 (92.4)0.199
 Improved nutrition resources for patients278 (84.8)0.006
 Improved access to weight loss programs282 (86.5)0.229
 Improved access to bariatric surgery103 (31.6)0.613