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Table 4 Search strategy

From: Effects of green coffee extract on fasting blood glucose, insulin concentration and homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR): a systematic review and meta-analysis of interventional studies

Database Search strategy Results
Scopus (TITLE-ABS-KEY (coffee) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (green AND coffee) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (green AND coffee AND extract) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (chlorogenic AND acid))) AND ((TITLE-ABS-KEY (fasting AND plasma AND glucose) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (fasting AND blood AND glucose) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (fasting AND blood AND sugar) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (glucose) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (glucose AND intolerance AND postprandial) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (plasma AND glucose) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY (blood AND glucose) 1038
Pubmed (“Coffee”[Mesh]) OR coffee[Title/Abstract]) OR green coffee[Title/Abstract]) OR green coffee extract[Title/Abstract]) OR “Chlorogenic Acid”[Mesh]) OR Chlorogenic Acid[Title/Abstract])) AND (((((((((“Glucose”[Mesh]) OR Glucose[Title/Abstract]) OR fasting plasma glucose[Title/Abstract]) OR fasting blood glucose[Title/Abstract]) OR fasting blood sugar[Title/Abstract]) OR glucose intolerance postprandial[Title/Abstract]) OR plasma glucose[Title/Abstract]) OR “Blood Glucose”[Mesh]) OR Blood Glucose[Title/Abstract]) 462
Web of science TOPIC: (coffee) OR TOPIC: (green coffee) OR TOPIC: (green coffee extract) OR TOPIC: (chlorogenic acid) AND TOPIC: (fasting plasma glucose) OR TOPIC: (fasting blood glucose) OR TOPIC: (fasting blood sugar) OR TOPIC: (glucose) OR TOPIC: (glucose intolerance postprandial) OR TOPIC: (plasma glucose) OR TOPIC: (blood glucose) 757