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Table 2 Quality assessment of studies

From: Effects of green coffee extract on fasting blood glucose, insulin concentration and homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR): a systematic review and meta-analysis of interventional studies

(location, year)
Sequence generation Allocation concealment Blinding of participants and personnel Blinding of outcome assessment Incomplete outcome data Selective outcome reporting Other potential threats to validity
Zuniga (Mexico, 2018) L U H U L L U
Roshan (Iran, 2018) L L L U L L U
Shahmohammadi (Iran, 2017) L U H U L H U
Soga (Japan, 2013) U U U U L H U
Wong (Australia, 2014) U U U U L H U
Haidari (Iran, 2017) L U U U L H U
  1. L low risk, U unclear risk, H high risk