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Fig. 6 | Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome

Fig. 6

From: TCF7L2 regulates pancreatic β-cell function through PI3K/AKT signal pathway

Fig. 6

The luciferase activities of these 23 groups were recorded and analyzed. The 23 groups are: (i) 293T, (ii) PCDNA3.0, (iii) PGL3B, (iv) PCDNA3.0 + PGL3B, (v) PCDNA3.0 + PGL3B(1–2), (vi) PCDNA3.0 + PGL3B(6–10), (vii) PCDNA3.0 + PGL3B-CAA1, (viii) PCDNA3.0 + PGL3B-CAA2, (ix) PCDNA3.0 + PGL3B-CAA6, (x) PCDNA3.0 + PGL3B-CAA7, (xi) PCDNA3.0 + PGL3B-CAA8, (xii) PCDNA3.0 + PGL3B-CAA9, (xiii) PCDNA3.0 + PGL3B-CAA10, (xiv) PCDNA3.0-TCF7L2 + PGL3B, (xv) PCDNA3.0-TCF7L2 + PGL3B(1–2), (xvi) PCDNA3.0-TCF7L2 + PGL3B(6–10), (xvii) PCDNA3.0-TCF7L2 + PGL3B-CAA1, (xviii) PCDNA3.0-TCF7L2 + PGL3B-CAA2, (xix) PCDNA3.0-TCF7L2 + PGL3B-CAA6,(xx) PCDNA3.0-TCF7L2 + PGL3B-CAA7, (xxi) PCDNA3.0-TCF7L2 + PGL3B-CAA8, (xxii) PCDNA3.0-TCF7L2 + PGL3B-CAA9, and (xxiii) PCDNA3.0-TCF7L2 + PGL3B-CAA10 (n = 3 samples per group)

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