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Table 3 Stem cell research in diabetes in some Latin-American countries

From: Stem cells as a potential therapy for diabetes mellitus: a call-to-action in Latin America

Country Stem cell type Diabetes application outcome References
Mexico MSC In vitro-β cell differentiation [116]
Patient full recovery of chronic foot ulcer [117]
HSC Patient Insulin Independence [115]
Chile MSC In vitro improved diabetic neuropathy [102]
In vivo improved diabetic retinopathy [104]
In vivo improved diabetic nephropathy [105, 106]
In vivo improved diabetic cardiomyopathy [107]
In vivo improved pancreatic environment [109]
Brazil MSC Pancreatic immunomodulation [61, 114]
Reverse hyperglycemia, improve β cell function and/or pancreatic immunomodulation [59, 111, 120]
In vivo β cell differentiation and function [110]
Dental pulp stem cells In vivo β cell renewal, prevent renal damage [112]
HSC Patient improved β cell function and insulin independence [121]
Argentina HSC Patient improved pancreatic environment [122]
ADSC Improve metabolic control and reduce insulin requirements [118]
  1. MSC mesenchymal stem cell, HSC hematopoietic stem cell, ADSC adipose-derived stem cell