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Fig. 1

From: Coenzyme Q10 suppresses apoptosis of mouse pancreatic β-cell line MIN6

Fig. 1

Comparison of cell viability among the four groups after apoptotic stimulation using WST-8 assays. Control, MIN6 cells cultured in regular medium; STS, cells exposed to STS (0.5 µM for 16 h); CoQ10, cells pretreated with CoQ10 (30 µM for 4 h) and then exposed to STS (0.5 µM for 16 h); Z-VAD, cells pretreated with Z-VAD-FMK (30 µM for 1 h) and then exposed to STS (0.5 µM for 16 h). Comparisons of individual groups were conducted using the Games-Howell post hoc test following one-way analysis of variance

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