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Table 1 Specifications for registry searches

From: Establishing post mortem criteria for the metabolic syndrome: an autopsy based cross-sectional study

Metabolic syndrome criteria ICD-10 codes Medication groups ATC-codes
Hypertriglyceridemia DE781 Fibrates, Nicotinic acid C10AB
Hypercholesterolemia DE780 Statins, Cholestyramine, Cholesterol absorption inhibitors C10AA, C10AC, C10AX
Hypertension DI10–DI15 Thiazide, Ca2+-antagonists, ACE inhibitors, Angiotensin II receptor blockers, Renin inhibitors, β-blockers, α-blockers, Hydralazine, Centrally active (Moxonidine) C02AB, C02AC, C02CA, C02DB, C03, C07A, C08, C09A, C09C, C09X
Elevated blood glucose DE10–DE14 Β-cell stimulants, α-glucosidase inhibitors, Glitazones, DPP-IV-inhibitors, GLP1-analogs, SGLT2-inhibitors A10B
  1. Clinical diagnoses related to the MetS with the corresponding ICD10 codes, the medication and the ATC-codes used to define the presence and/or treatment of the MetS. The ATC-codes are based on the Danish National Treatment Guidelines