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Table 4 Proposed management of patients with skin disease at higher risk for CVD

From: Metabolic syndrome and the skin: a more than superficial association. Reviewing the association between skin diseases and metabolic syndrome and a clinical decision algorithm for high risk patients

Skin condition Risk factor for CVD Management
Psoriasis Severity, nail pitting Refer if ≥ 3 of: TG > 150 mg/dl, HDL < 40 mg/dl, waist circumference > 94 cm (males)/> 80 cm females, fasting plasma glucose > 100 mg/dl
Androgenic alopecia Early onset in males, severity in females Consider screening for insulin resistance
Acne-rosacea Adults Treat insulin resistance
Atopic dermatitis Female sex Consider abdominal ultrasound for visceral fat accumulation
Lichen planus Degree of inflammation (?) Manage dyslipidemia/CVD
Hidradenitis suppurativa Severity Check for MeTS parameters even in young patients
Squamous cell carcinoma Female sex Blood glucose, triglyceride levels monitoring
Melanoma Male sex Manage hypertension
Skin tags, acanthosis nigricans, impaired wound healing Undetermined Treat insulin resistance
Aging Collagen glycation Tighter glycemic control