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Fig. 4 | Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome

Fig. 4

From: Vitamin D is associated with metabotropic but not neurotrophic effects of exercise in ovariectomized rats

Fig. 4

Comparison of escape latency in retrieval phase of spatial memory in MWM among different groups. OVX + EXE + HD: ovariectomy + aerobic training + high dose of Vit D, OVX + EXE + LD: ovariectomy + aerobic training + low dose of Vit D, OVX + EXE − D: ovariectomy + aerobic training + Vit D deficiency, OVX + EXE + Veh: ovariectomy + aerobic training + sesame oil, OVX + HD: ovariectomy + low dose of VitD, OVX + LD, OVX − D: ovariectomy + VitD deficiency, OVX + Veh: ovariectomy + sesame oil, sham: sham-operated. OVX: ovariectomy. Values are expressed as mean + Se, n = 8 rats per group

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