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Fig. 2 | Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome

Fig. 2

From: Aliskiren effect on non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in metabolic syndrome

Fig. 2

Representative photomicrographs of liver sections stained with Hematoxylin & Eosin (ac), Sudan III (df) and Naphtol AS-D (gi) in the liver in the control group (C); diabetic and high fat diet mice (HDC); diabetic and high fat diet mice treated with aliskiren (HDA) (× 400 magnification). Graphic representation of steatosis score (j), Sudan III labeling (k), inflammation score (l) and neutrophil influx (m) in C, HDC and HDA groups. *P < 0.05, C × HDC; P < 0.05, HDC × HDA. (n = 4–6 mice per group)

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