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Table 3 Themes and sub themes of participants

From: A qualitative study to explore the perception and behavior of patients towards diabetes management with physical disability

Themes Probe Demographics Responses
Perception towards self-monitoring blood glucose practices   
  In your opinion what is the preferred method of recording blood glucose reading? 59/F Indian
Amputate leg
I (prefer to) manually record. I do not understand how to use a telephone especially opening (applications and other function on the telephone). To me manual (recording) is easier
   47/M Malay
Amputate arm
I am an old person I like it to be (hand) written. Anyway as long as someone shows me how to do it I can do it (electronic monitoring). Of course it’s easier because you bring your hand phone everywhere you go
   35/F Chinese
Amputate leg
(I prefer the) digitals way (telemedicine). Everyday you can see it in your digital way in the software (digital diary) so (there is) no need to record like manually. Sometime(s) even (if) you record manually the paper (is placed) wherever (and will go) missing. (With telemedicine) you have a backup. Due to (limited mobility) I am dependent on family members for (regular check-up), so this electronic log (will help my physician) to track down my performance
  Do you think self-monitoring of blood glucose useful for diabetes management? 44/M Malay
Amputate leg
I think, It’s useful to me as an indication (of my sugar control). I prefer that I can use it to check my blood sugar (levels and so I can study how this medication effect(s) my glucose (levels). Also this (reduces my dependency) to family members
   59/F Chinese
Amputate arm
Well this is the age of information technology, you can monitor (your health condition) by the Internet everywhere you go. I just (log into) the Internet (and I can track) my dose, what food (or) meal and what nutrition is suitable to my body. You will narrow (down the self-care methods) that suit your body and not other peoples
  What stops people for self-care practices? 46/M Indian
Amputate arm
Self-monitoring is okay but sometimes-financial conflict (unable to buy sticks for glucometer) let me forget about checking my sugar for months… then suddenly I few symptoms (hyperglycaemic or hypoglycaemic) pops-up and I remember to continue my sugar monitoring
   55/F Chinese
Amputate arm
I think (it) depend(s) on the situation where you live in a village (which is) very difficult now also because certain villages you don’t have traditional gathering so traditional food with rich sugar (often) serve you already (know) that (day) your sugar is not in control… so no point of monitoring. I usually double the drug dose
   63/M Malay
Amputate leg
Well what (I can say), I am (afraid) of blood, so I cant monitor (my self) sugar… sometimes my son (when free) check the sugar…… Usually (twice or three) times per month.. but sometimes I feel (dizzy) so I asked him to check (blood sugar)