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Fig. 1

From: Educ@dom: comparative study of the telemonitoring of patients with type 2 diabetes versus standard monitoring—study protocol for a randomized controlled study

Fig. 1

Study design and schedule. Comparative, randomized, open, multicenter intervention trial with parallel-group evaluating a telemonitoring program for patients with type 2 diabetes, whose glycemic control can be improved, compared to a traditional optimized care. Patients are recruited during therapeutic educational sessions or appointments by general practitioners or diabetologists. If patients accept to participate to the study and sign up the protocol consent, they are randomized into two groups: one arm is trained to the telemonitoring device before receiving it at home, and the other arm keeps usual care. During 12 months, the intervention group uses the device, and health teams use the web platform to follow the measured parameters and to make appropriate decisions about health care of their patient. Biomedical and economic data are collected along the study to assess medical and cost impact of the device between the two arms

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