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Fig. 4

From: Effect of Cichorium intybus L. on the expression of hepatic NF-κB and IKKβ and serum TNF-α in STZ− and STZ+ niacinamide-induced diabetes in rats

Fig. 4

Effects of chicory extract on P65 DNA-binding activity. Liver tissue cell lysates with equal concentration of protein (20 µg; determined by Bradford) were used in this experiment. Optical density (OD) of samples was measured at 450 nm and OD changes was compared in all groups. P65 activity increased significantly in NIA/STZ and STZ groups compared with Control and CSE-control. Treatment with CSE significantly decreased P65 activity in CSE-NIA/STZ group compare with NIA/STZ group. Treatment with aspirin decreased it in Asp-STZ group when compared with STZ group. Metformin did not affect the P65 activity. Data are expressed as mean ± SD. *p < 0.0001; p < 0.001; p < 0.0001 versus Control

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