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Fig. 2

From: Effects of nateglinide and rosiglitazone on pancreatic alpha- and beta-cells, GLP-1 secretion and inflammatory markers in patients with type 2 diabetes: randomized crossover clinical study

Fig. 2

Test with a standardized 500 calories mixed breakfast for 5 h: blood glucagon like peptide-1(GLP-1), free fat acids (FFA) and triglyceride levels. N1 and N2 before and after 4 months of nateglinide therapy. R1 and R2 before and after 4 months of rosiglitazone therapy. Hatched area: data of normal controls. Data were analyzed by the area under the curve using the trapezoidal rule and by Wilcoxon test for every time for the 5 h duration (p < 0.05)

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