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Table 3 Direct medical costs of diabetes complications in Brazil, 2001

From: Cost-effectiveness of a national population-based screening program for type 2 diabetes: the Brazil experience

Diabetes complication Type of cost Cost (2001 US$)
 Clinical nephropathy One time 267
 End stage renal disease Annual 9527
 Peripheral neuropathy One time 18
 Lower extremity amputation One time 309
 Photocoagulation One time 15
Coronary heart disease
 Angina One time 776
  Annual 669
 History of CA/MI Annual 669
 CA/MI death without hospitalization One time 15
 CA/MI death within 30 days with hospitalization One time 368
 CA/MI survivors One time 776
 Stroke One time 955
  Annual 462
 Immediate death from stroke One time 180
Cost of death One time 304
  1. End-stage renal disease
  2. CA cardiac arrest, MI myocardial infarction