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Table 2 Key practical aspects of the study with all the clinical visits and the requested exams

From: Twelve-week randomized study to compare the effect of vildagliptin vs. glibenclamide both added-on to metformin on endothelium function in patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension

Visits Screening Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3
Weeks −1 1 4 12
Informed consent X    
Inclusion and exclusion criteria X X   
Medical history X    
Medical evaluation/physical examination X X X X
Randomization   X   
 Pregnancy test X    
 Creatinine X    X
 Fasting glucose X   X X
 Ultrasensitive C-reactive protein X    X
 Total cholesterol X    X
 High-density lipoprotein cholesterol X    X
 Triglycerides X    X
 Glycated hemoglobin X    X
 Alanine aminotransferase X    X
 Microalbuminuria X    X
 Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring   X   X
 Treadmill test X    
 Determination of the central aortic pressure and vascular stiffness markers   X   X
 Endothelium function   X   X