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Table 1 List of entities identified by GO and the pathways identified by KEGG of significantly up-regulated and down-regulated genes in adipose tissues of 6- and 25-week-old CP rats

From: Expression of proteins associated with adipocyte lipolysis was significantly changed in the adipose tissues of the obese spontaneously hypertensive/NDmcr-cp rat

GO accession GO term P value
   6-week-old 25-week-old
   WKY-CP Lean-CP WKY-CP Lean-CP
 GO:0016740 Transferase 1.4E-14 2.0E-08 6.8E-06 4.4E-06
 GO:0006118 Electron transport 8.0E-08 4.1E-03 3.6E-03 1.7E-04
 GO:0005489 Electron transporter activity 2.6E-07 1.0E-02 3.7E-03 1.6E-04
 GO:0016740 Transferase 5.43E-02 3.49E-03 2.68E-04 1.41E-11
 GO:0005489 Electron transporter activity 1.09E-01 1.26E-03 1.71E-02 1.80E-05
 GO:0006118 Electron transport 1.11E-01 1.30E-03 1.73E-02 1.87E-05
Predicted pathway      
  PPAR signaling pathway 4.25E-11 2.71E-03 9.73E-03 5.54E-02
  Carbon fixation 4.50E-07 1.10E-05 2.33E-03 3.11E-02
  Pentose phosphate pathway 2.84E-05 1.45E-03 3.92E-05 1.90E-01
  Glutathione metabolism 2.14E-04 4.55E-03 1.95E-04 2.21E-04
  Alkaloid biosynthesis I 9.47E-03 1.00E + 00 2.62E-03 2.79E-03
  ECM-receptor interaction 7.40E-04 1.64E-02 1.09E-02 3.85E-03
  Glycolysis _ Gluconeogenesis 1.59E-03 4.60E-04 5.56E-02 1.42E-01
  Fructose and mannose metabolism 3.09E-03 1.12E-03 3.01E-02 3.80E-01
  Cell Communication 9.95E-03 2.64E-03 4.71E-02 5.18E-02
  Carbon fixation 8.65E-02 4.63E-04 1.27E-03 4.82E-04
  1. WKY; Wistar Kyoto rats, Lean; spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR/lean), CP; SHR/NDmcr-cp (cp/cp) rats.