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Table 3 Results of questionnaire survey on medication adherence

From: Effect of single tablet of fixed-dose amlodipine and atorvastatin on blood pressure/lipid control, oxidative stress, and medication adherence in type 2 diabetic patients

a. Do you think it is good to take this combination tablet?
Very good 8
Good 17
Not good 0
No answer 2
b. Reason(s) why you think that it was good to take this combination tablet
LDL-C was decreased sufficiently 12
Blood pressure was decreased sufficiently 10
Tablet is small and easy to swallow 8
I do not have to discriminate morning and evening doses 5
Number of times taking medication is reduced 5
Number and dose of medications taken in one day is reduced 6
Number and dose of medications taken at one time is reduced 8
c. Do you want to continue taking this combination tablet?
Yes, very much 12
I think so 14
Not very much 0
Absolutely not 0
No answer 1
d. Do you think that even a decrease in one medication is a good thing?
Yes, very much 19
I think so 5
Not very much 1
I completely disagree 0
I have no idea 2
  1. N: number of answers.
  2. 3b: Multiple answers were allowed.