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Figure 3 | Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome

Figure 3

From: Genetic variation at the CYP2C19 gene associated with metabolic syndrome susceptibility in a South Portuguese population: results from the pilot study of the European Health Examination Survey in Portugal

Figure 3

Additive genetic effects of the SNPs ( GABRA2 rs279871, NPY rs16147 , TPMT rs1142345 ) . A- Influence of the number of risk genotypes in the MetS score values. MetS score increases with increasing number of genetic risk factors (ANOVA for trend P < 0.001). B- Additive genetic effect representation. Each line represents a different number of risk genotypes, considering sufficient the presence of one allele for each variant to be at risk. We have considered the 4 significantly associated SNPs previous reported: CYP2C19 rs4244285, GABRA2 rs279871, NPY rs16147 and TPMT rs1142345. No individuals with 4 risk genotypes for the 4 SNPs were identified in this population.

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