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Figure 1

From: Caloric restriction or telmisartan control dyslipidemia and nephropathy in obese diabetic Zücker rats

Figure 1

Final values of plasma lipids concentration. NEFA, Triglycerides, total Cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol. Differences between non-diabetic and diabetic obese rats at the end of experimental interventions. Data are shown as mean ± SD. Statistically significant differences *p < 0.05 vs Zücker ¶p < 0.05 vs ZDFV. Hyperlipidaemia in all diabetic groups (ZDF) was mainly due to elevated triglycerides with modest increases in total cholesterol, particularly HDL cholesterol levels, with the exception of the low-calorie diet group (ZDFD) in which cholesterol was significantly less than the others.

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