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Figure 9 | Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome

Figure 9

From: The effect of a novel curcumin derivative on pancreatic islet regeneration in experimental type-1 diabetes in rats (long term study)

Figure 9

Micrographs of diabetic rat pancreas (fed NCD) after 10 months from the onset of diabetes. (A) (X100) &(B) (X400) Diabetic rat pancreas stained with H&E showed pancreatic tissue with increased amount of exocrine and endocrine components and many variable sized and shaped islets of Langerhans. (C) (X40), (D) (X200) &(E) (X1000) Diabetic rat pancreas stained with insulin antibody showed many variable sized & shaped islets with strong insulin positivity(brown) (F) Diabetic rat pancreas stained with CD 105 antibody showed no positive CD105 cells in pancreatic tissue or fat (X100).

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