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Figure 5 | Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome

Figure 5

From: The effect of a novel curcumin derivative on pancreatic islet regeneration in experimental type-1 diabetes in rats (long term study)

Figure 5

Micrographs of diabetic rat pancreas after 6 months of induction of diabetes. (A) Rat pancreas stained with H&E showed increased adipose tissue infiltration (star) and localized lymphocytic collections (arrows) (X40) (B) Rat pancreas with small well-formed islet (star) (C) Diabetic rat pancreas stained with insulin antibody showed small well-formed islet (brown) secreting insulin. (X200) (D) Diabetic rat pancreas stained with CD 105 antibody showed no evidence of CD 105 positive cells in either pancreatic tissue or fat(X200).

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