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Table 2 Metformin effects on vasculoprotection

From: Metformin: an old but still the best treatment for type 2 diabetes

Study Design Duration Key findings
UKPDS 33 [18] Prospective 10 yr Significant reduction in all-cause mortality, diabetes related mortality, and any end-point related to diabetes.
Sgambato et al.[72] Retrospective 3 yr Trend towards reduction in angina symptoms (p = 0.051). Significant lower re-infarction rates.
Johnson et al.[24] Retrospective 9 yr Reduction of all-cause mortality and of cardiovascular mortality
Kao et al.[74] Prospective 2 yr Significant risk reduction for any clinical event, myocardial infarction and all-cause mortality
Jadhav et al.[76] Prospective 8 weeks Improved maximal ST depression, Duke score, and chest pain incidence
Kooy et al.[75] Prospective 4, 3 yr Reduction of the risk of developing macrovascular disease