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Figure 4

From: Investigation of the factors associated with circulating soluble CD36 levels in patients with HCV-related chronic liver disease

Figure 4

Relationship between circulating sCD36 level and BMI, serum oxLDL level, severity of hepatic steatosis, serum ALT level, HCV-genotype or load of HCV-RNA. (a,b) Serum sCD36 levels were roughly correlated with BMI or serum oxLDL levels. (c,e) Serum sCD36 levels were not associated with the severity of the hepatic steatosis or HCV-genotypes. The bars represent the maximum and minimum levels. The boxes represent the values within the 25th and 75th percentiles. The horizontal bars represent the medians. (d,f) Serum sCD36 levels were independent of serum ALT levels and loads of HCV-RNA.

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