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Table 1 Effects of morin on trabecular morphometric parameters measured by micro-CT in femur head of diabetic rats

From: Alleviating effects of morin against experimentally-induced diabetic osteopenia

  Control STZ STZ+M15 STZ+M30
BMD (g/cm3) 0.772±0.022 0.627±0.011**a 0.653±0.034 0.732±0.025*b
BV/TV (%) 0.444±0.021 0.277±0.021**a 0.341±0.018 0.369±0.028*b
SMI 0.874±0.101 1.655±0.101**a 1.381±0.131 1.298±0.137
Tb.N (mm-1) 3.534±0.143 2.515±0.197*a 2.914±0.165 3.339±0.202*b
Tb.Sp (mm) 0.173±0.011 0.224±0.009*a 0.197±0.002 0.176±0.009*b
Tb.Th (mm) 0.123±0.002 0.107±0.002**a 0.115±0.001 0.118±0.002*b
Tb.Po (%) 58.614±1.382 66.537±0.611*a 61.038±1.643 58.285±2.532*b
  1. Data were expressed as Mean±S.EM (n=6) and analyzed using one-way ANOVA followed by Student Newman-Keuls as post hoc test. *a P<0.05 and **a P<0.01 Control vs STZ group; *b P<0.05 STZ vs. STZ+M15 or STZ+M30 groups.