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Figure 1

From: Comparison of the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 gene methylation levels between severely obese subjects with and without the metabolic syndrome

Figure 1

Location of the 9 CpGs analyzed for their%Meth levels at the DPP4 locus. (a) Delimitation of the 5UTR, exons and CpG island at the DPP4 locus were determined relatively to the first adenine (+1) from the ATG translation start site (TSS) based on the DPP4 transcript NM_001935.3. The DPP4 promoter CpG island was localized using the NCBI Map Viewer public database in a previous study [10]. (b) The DNA sequence displayed and surrounding the 9 CpG sites is located between the 391 and 724 bases after the TSS of the DPP4 gene. The chromosomal location corresponds to chr2: 162929768-162930101 on the minus DNA strand as obtained using the Human Build 37.3 ( Bold bases represent the exon 2 of the DPP4 gene and arrows are the designed sequencing primers along with the sequencing direction. RefSeq, Reference Sequence.

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