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Figure 2

From: Glycemic variability in relation to oral disposition index in the subjects with different stages of glucose tolerance

Figure 2

The overall best-fit lines obtained by nonlinear regression analysis between glycemic variability parameters (a: SD, b: MBG, c: HGBI, d: CONGA1, e: MODD and f: MAGE) and oral disposition index. NGR: normal glucose regulation; IGM: impaired glucose metabolism; DM2h: screen-diagnosed diabetes by isolated 2-h glucose; DM: newly diagnosed diabetes by both fasting and 2-h glucose. SD: standard deviation of blood glucose; MBG: mean of blood glucose; HBGI: high blood glucose index; CONGA1: continuous overlapping net glycemic action calculated every 1 h; MODD: mean of daily differences; MAGE: mean amplitude of glycemic excursions.

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