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Table 2 Feeding behavior, carbohydrate metabolism and blood biochemistry

From: Pleiotropic effects of rosuvastatin on the glucose metabolism and the subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue behavior in C57Bl/6 mice

Parameters Groups
Pre-treatment SC HF    
Food intake (g/day) 2.9±0.01 3.7±0.03    
Energy (kJ/day per mouse) 43.4±0.34 83.7±0.64a    
OGTT (AUC) 1,174 ±46.55 1,259±45.06a    
Post-treatment SC HF HF-R10 HF-R20 HF-R40
Food intake (g/day) 2.2±0.01 2.7±0.02 a 2.8±0.02 a,b 2.9±0.02 a,b 3.0±0.01 a,b,c,d
Energy (kJ/day per mouse) 32.6±0.2 60.4±1.1a 63.7±0.5a,b 64.6±0.4a,b 68.5±0.2a,b,c,d
Feed efficiency (kJ/g BM) 1.2±0.02 1.6±0.05a 1.8±0.07 a 1.8±0.05a,b 2.2±0.05 a,b,c,d
Glucose (mg/dL) 109±6.22 149.6±9.9a 134.2±10.4 82.4±7.4 b,c 63.8±6.4 a,b,c
Insulin (mU/ml) 5.85±0.95 20.4±2.0a 20.3±4.1a 16.86±1.20a 14.0±0.32
OGTT (AUC) 990.1±37.8 1,264.2±41.8a 1,236.8±6.0a 1,037.7±34.7b,c 859.3±50.4b,c
HOMA-IR 1.79±0.23 7.51±0.81a 6.66±1.42a 6.53±0.39a 2.04±0.23b,c,d
Serum TC (mg/dL) 103.6±18.1 226.2±16.0a 163.0±16.1b 128.8±12.3b 114.6±7.8b
Serum TG (mg/dL) 51.0±4.6 87.1±4.8a 82.0±7.8a 43.6±8.4b,c 50.0±2.2b,c
ALT (U/L) 15±2.9 115±15.2a 113±19.3a 69.4±9.0a 62.2±8.4a,b
AST (U/L) 272±28.1 289±35.4 283±31.6 191.6±35.5 188.2±33.8
  1. Abbreviations: SC standard rodent chow, HF high-fat diet, HF-R10 10 mg/kg/day of rosuvastatin, HF-R20 20 mg/kg/day of rosuvastatin, HF-R40 40 mg/kg/day of rosuvastatin, OGTT oral glucose tolerance teste, AUC area under the curve, HOMA-IR homeostasis model assessment index for insulin resistance, ALT alanine aminotransferase, AST aspartate transaminase, TC total cholesterol, TG triglyceride. Symbols represent difference with: [a] SC group; [b] HF group; [c] HF-R10 group; [d] HF-R20 group.