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Table 4 Correlation of delta (post-pre) of muscle strength and thickness with delta (post-pre) of anthropometric and biochemical variables

From: Effects of eight weeks of resistance training on the risk factors of metabolic syndrome in overweight /obese women - “A Pilot Study”

Variables Chess press (relative) Front lat pull-down (relative) Right hand grip (relative) Biceps MT (mm)
Body mass (kg) NS 0.53* NS NS
TMM (kg) NS 0.53* NS NS
VVF (cm2) NS NS −0.60* NS
Insulin (μUI·mL) −0.60* NS NS NS
TG (mg·dL) NS NS NS −0.63*
TG/HDL ratio NS NS NS −0.57*
  1. *Statistically significant (P ≤ 0.05), MT, muscle thickness; TMM, total muscle mass; VVF, volume of visceral fat; TG, Triglycerides; NS, non-significant.